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H e l l o  I' m  M o n i c a

Hi my name is Monica!

 13 years of experience I started breeding pure bred golden Retrievers as I am totally in love with the breed. I wanted a playful companion that would adapt to a family lifestyle. After much research, I decided that the golden Retriever would be the perfect fit. That was almost 10 years ago.

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Welcome to my site!

I'm so happy that your browsing brought you here!! My name is Monica and I am so excited to introduce to you my Kennel Krew!! I am very proud to have such a playful, happy, and healthy krew. To know me, is to know my love for, not only my dogs but my four children and loving and supportive husband. I have always had such a love for dog! My husband and I have always enjoyed the benefits of caring for and enjoying anything with four legs.

My love for animals began when I was little. As a child my house was filled with little kids and we lived in a big city so unfortunately there was never any room for animals or pets of any kind. So I like to think I’m making up for lost time :) My four children take after their mom in the pet department for sure. If it walks, swims, eats, or grows they "must help it", and because we don’t own half of Texas, becoming a breeder was a natural progression of family life.

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As many wonderful traits as the Golden retriever has a BIG factor for many homes with small children with allergies or asthma is the hair. The Hair! The Hair! The Hair!! Golden Retriever are shedders; big shedders. Every time I get my car wash I lower my head in shame as I give my detailer the car keys.   I then turn around and complete my walk of shame. Oh the shame! That is one of the genetic benefits of a mini Golden Retriever. Who doesn’t love less fur on the ground? Another issue is as they age, as we all do; they begin to develop health problems that come from being a large breed dog. That’s where the mini golden retriever comes in. Its the best of both worlds. The mini golden is truly a wonderfully well rounded puppy and companion for life. I love the excitement that getting a new puppy brings to any size home. Watching and caring for these tiny little bundles is such and enjoyable and relaxing part of life. I am combining my love of family with our love of dogs.

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