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1. Is everyone in the household in agreement to buying a new puppy?
2. Do you have the space needed and time to spend training a new puppy? Some outside grassy area is highly recommended. Although these dogs do fine in an apartment in the majority of cases the puppy
still needs daily outdoor exercise.
3. Puppies can not hold their bladder all night so this requires sacrifice of getting up once during the
4. Are you financially ready to accept all the cost involved in caring for a new puppy such as vaccines, spaying, neutering and emergency money if your puppy becomes sick or injured? Puppies are just like human children expect the unexpected?

Ask yourself 

Be prepared to answer them when speaking with me



Puppy Application

contact info
Section 1
Male or Female Puppy
Color Preference
Puppy Size
Would you like to reserve a puppy?
If yes which litter?
Include specific gender, coat, and size
Section 2
Will this be your first puppy?
If no what is your experience with dogs?
Are you going to be training or having your puppy trained as therapy or service dog?
Does everyone in your family want a new puppy?
Does Anyone in your family suffer from pet allergies?
If yes how severe? 
Age of Applicant
Is your home blessed with children/grandchildren
If yes please list ages
Is your home currently blessed with another dog or other pets
If yes what types, list below
Are you willing to purchase Paw Tree dog food prior to taking puppy home?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Will the puppy be home alone all day?
Will you continue the crate training we have started?
Puppys cost $4,000 per puppy. Do you have the means to budget the cost of a new puppy?
I have answered all questions truthfully and understand that if any intentionally false answers have been given, 'Small paws' reserves the right to sell to me. *

Put a deposit on a pup now

Puppy adoption fee as of today: $4,000 Deposit fee: $500


Are you ready  ?!

If not do you have a plan for safely exercising your puppy and having a place to relieve itself? Please explain below
If yes, will the puppy be able to be let out mid-day for a potty break and exercise? (Puppies eat 3 times a day for the first 6 months. The rule of thumb for how long a puppy can hold it in the crate - during the day is their age in months. So at 8 weeks, 2 months old, they can be in the crate 2 hours. At 12 weeks, 3 months old, 3 hours.)
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