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Puppy adoption fee as of today:  $4,000    Deposit fee: $500


Our moms are ready and we can't wait to see all the beautiful little personalities that these pups will have. We breed year around so the best way to plan for a new “buddy” is to  fill out your Puppy Application and Waitlist a puppy.





What breeds are mixed for your mini goldens?

 We breed mini golden to mini golden to make a mini golden.  My Goldens are Golden retriever, Cocker spaniel, and Poodle. We also breed cocker to golden retriever to make a golden cocker. We do not use Cavaliers in any of our mixes.


Where are you located? / Where would we be picking up the puppies

I am located in Apple Valley, California. We offer a range of travel arrangements for those who need them.


What is your health screening protocol for parents and puppies?

We do OFA testing, DNA testing, HCG testing, including health wellness checks, deworming, vaccinations, and hip testing. Puppies come with health test, wellness check, deworming, vaccinations, and stool testing.


If I get approved by end of year, what is the waitlist like?

Click HERE to find the litters that we will be having and which spots are available.

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