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                                                                                                    when you get your puppy home and show him around his new area that you prepared for him with so much excitement. The moment when they pick up their first chew toy and you feel like you got the perfect one and feel so proud. This is when your “hooked,” because puppies will put
anything in their mouth!


I remember taking my puppy outside to use the "facilities" and he put a rock in his mouth. I panicked and bent down so fast....but not fast enough, (puppies are fast) and he swallowed it. So there I go in full panic mode and rushed him to the vet, imagining the worst case scenarios, because I "broke" my puppy. He was totally fine, but this taught me that even the best pet families have emergencies. 


So, because I want to put my pet families at ease about not only small things, but for the unexpected things that can happen in the most loving homes, and to the healthiest of pups, I am proud to be working with Trupanion Medical services. Trupanion is offering anyone who receives a puppy from me a month of free medical coverage for your new companion. I think this is a wonderful idea because it allows all my families to get to know their new pup and Trupanion with zero obligation. It's like a test drive minus the salesman. Trupanion will start coverage within the first 24 hours of receiving your pup.


I love this idea, which is why I’m so happy to be able to offer this to my new families. Had I known about this service years ago, I would have jumped on it. That is why I encourage every family to at least try it for 30 days. This is my way of helping all of my puppy families plan for the unexpected and enjoy their new companion to the full.

I love that special moment

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